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    2 Characters with the same name Concern


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    2 Characters with the same name Concern

    Post by gianwalls on Thu Aug 21, 2014 1:41 am

    GM's/Admins pls resolve this problem its the most basic problem
    2 or more characters having the same name are having conflict with rebirth ive already tested it out. that you can make multiple
    characters with the same name and its preventing rebirth.
    Also pls fix i can not Rebirth my Gunner IGN: Taiga
    when i rebirthed it to 51 no bonus stats came out and i lvled it to 100 (requirement of rebirth) but it will not rebirth so i kept lvling and tried Rebirth alot of times pls fix
    i think this is related to the Multiple characters with the same name ive tried it with the IGN :Izayoi
    1st Izayoi an assassin lvl 162
    2nd Izayoi is a Brawler lvl forgot its below lvl 50
    tried rebirth on the 1st Izayoi but it failed probbably because of the 2nd Izayoi
    just my obervation but still pls fix @.@

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