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    X-Mas Manual Patch (12-06-14)

    [Admin] Dave

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    X-Mas Manual Patch (12-06-14)

    Post by [Admin] Dave on Sat Dec 06, 2014 9:58 am

    To those who are having problems autopatching the X-Mas Patch download this manual patch and apply it manually.

    Download Link:

    Guide to apply the manual patch: download/2jqmp7f2w44z7fi/x-mas_patch_manual.rar

    1. Extract the downloaded x-mas_patch_manual.rar in your desktop

    2. Go to your desktop, open the x-mas_patch_manual folder then copy all the files and folder inside.

    3. Now go to your MyRAN OLD SCHOOL Folder then paste the files you copied

    4. Click the "yes" button to merge the folder then "check" the checkbox to do the same on the other folders

    5. Click "Copy and Replace" to replace the old files then "check" the checkbox to do the same on the other files.

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