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    X-Mas Manual Patch (12-06-14)

    [Admin] Dave
    [Admin] Dave

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    X-Mas Manual Patch (12-06-14) Empty X-Mas Manual Patch (12-06-14)

    Post by [Admin] Dave on Sat Dec 06, 2014 9:58 am

    To those who are having problems autopatching the X-Mas Patch download this manual patch and apply it manually.

    Download Link:

    Guide to apply the manual patch: download/2jqmp7f2w44z7fi/x-mas_patch_manual.rar

    1. Extract the downloaded x-mas_patch_manual.rar in your desktop
    X-Mas Manual Patch (12-06-14) 2441tmg

    2. Go to your desktop, open the x-mas_patch_manual folder then copy all the files and folder inside.
    X-Mas Manual Patch (12-06-14) Jr6xi9

    3. Now go to your MyRAN OLD SCHOOL Folder then paste the files you copied
    X-Mas Manual Patch (12-06-14) R2vr6g

    4. Click the "yes" button to merge the folder then "check" the checkbox to do the same on the other folders
    X-Mas Manual Patch (12-06-14) De5gtd

    5. Click "Copy and Replace" to replace the old files then "check" the checkbox to do the same on the other files.
    X-Mas Manual Patch (12-06-14) 2mmd3xt

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