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    Leveling Guide

    [Admin] Dave
    [Admin] Dave

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    Leveling Guide

    Post by [Admin] Dave on Sat May 16, 2015 4:05 pm

    Hello Myrantics.

    Now If you are a newbie and want to know how to level fast here are some tips for you
    to level up fast.

    After creating your character you have your +7 Set for 7 Days and a +7 weapon for 15 days.

    Now the 1st thing to do is to grind mobs solo and do quest for you to acquire skills.
    (as you know that the skills in-game can be acquire via quest or hunt)

    After you reach 100+ you may now go to marketplace and look for the Shibuya 3 Portal.
    Enter Shibuya map and look for boosters in your school.

    Now why is that there are boosters? what do they get?
    Money drop in Shibuya 3 are good for farming. Now boosters will boost you in exchange for a party leader loot golds.

    Now it will not take an hour and you will reach the level 200. That's enough for you to go solo and again do quests.
    (Since you are high level already you can do the quests easily)

    After you get the skills you need you can go back grinding in Shibuya 3 or proceed to Head Underground to level up until Level 210.

    After you reach 210 you may now proceed to Saint Research Map or Shibuya 4 to level up to level 230 the max level.

    Easy right? Welcome to MyRAN Online and Enjoy The Game.


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