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    Post by mohdimran on Sun Jul 05, 2015 9:46 am

    Hi, So i been playing this server a month.. from what i see theres a few thing that lack from server since i'm an foreign player and some of us cant understand for in game events.. So i have few suggestion for admin to improve and attract foreign player.

    1.Please use english on every event command(because every time BTA event most admin are just using tagalog language instead english.. and most foreign player like me have no clue what to do on that event.. untill i figure out myself and it took me a week to understand.

    2.Same as no.1 but this time is on facebook group.. whenever theres a server down the admin always use tagalog.. would be nice if theres a 2 language in 1 post, from what i see the admin does make an announcement in english but is not full info cause more than half are tagalog just only 1-3 row are english and rest 1-8 row are tagalog... even i try using translator from website is still not correct info.

    3.This is a game suggestion(Please make a cooldown for start points pass... idk if someone else already suggest this and i'm sorry if i repeat it again).People are abusing it SW all the time and is very annoying...

    4.Add more donation option... From what i see there is no Leveling boosting donation.. would be nice if there an option for leveling like a 200Lvl character would cost 400 Php and Lvl 230 cost 1k Php

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