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    Post by [Admin] Dave on Tue May 05, 2015 9:03 am

    Hello MyRANatics. We welcome you to our latest PVP and Conquership
    feature the "WAR OF EMPERIUM".

    Now what is this War of Emperium?

    WOE originated from the game Ragnarok Online and this is their main PVP content
    which is a guild battle that lets them acquire castle.

    Our very own version of War Of Emperium (WOE) is also based and influenced by
    the concept of the real WOE in Ragnarok Online.

    This is the very 1st WOE Feature in the history of Ran Online. So be proud you are
    part of this history and that you will experience it first only in MyRAN OLD SCHOOL.

    MyRAN OLD SCHOOL WOE Mechanics:

    Simply just like our very own Club Wars in Ran Online where we PVP, Authenticate
    and Acquire E-Rooms.

    The only difference is the authentication. We applied the "AGIT" as the controller and
    that it needs to be break for authentication.
    (NOTE: Everyone is a breaker. No more OT/Authenticator/VIP. That means everyone
    needs to participate and break the agit)

    This is the full Map of the WOE CASTLE

    The entrance or the portal to the WOE Castle is located where the
    entrance of the E-Rooms beside the School Wars Portal
    NOTE: And dont forget to save your save point at the college rep.

    Before you reach the Agit, there are cubes that gives you attack
    and defense buffs

    The "AGIT" is the controller. You break the agit you own the castle.
    NOTE: The AGIT has no HP BAR, No HP Info and all skill damage is equivalent to 1.
    (Like I said, it is based and influenced by the real concept of WOE in RO Smile  )

    The more player/member hits the Agit the faster it breaks. That means every guild
    member should participate and help breaking the agit.

    The War of Emperium Battle will last for 60 Mins. And the winning guild will acquire
    the castle and obtain the control of the market place with their guild logo displayed.

    War of Emperium will commence every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 08:00PM GMT+8

    Guild Leader of the Winning Guild will receive 2B gold as reward.

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