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    Reconnect then gone??


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    Reconnect then gone??

    Post by sweatinghands on Thu Aug 07, 2014 2:12 pm

    I got lagged when i participated the market2 suryun event (current mob: eraser). But before that, I already sold a kulintas that cost 1.3b and that amount was the only gold i had in my inventory then i went to market2 for suryun. I looted a butkon with a 107rv and had a hard time looting for others by the reason of delayed game afterwards i reconnected. Then it appeared that i have the old arrangements of items in the inventory and a 40m stock gold yet my sold kulintas was gone and the 1.3b gold too. What's the cause of this? is it a bug? please follow up w/ this matter because i guess i'm not the only one who experienced this (08/08 12:40). 2014-08-07
    Thank you.

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